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Client Portal

Making data driven decisions and keeping an eye on many metrics that manage a business is key to success. Keeping all this information easily accessible and digestible through technology is the challenge, which we tackled successfully.

New Benefits Client Portal


New Benefits in a non-insured benefit provider, which are supplemental benefits to traditional insurance such as telemedicine, counseling, legal and more. Primarily a behind the scenes white-label company with “old-school methods”, New Benefits is looking to become the leader in technology within the insurance industry. In addition to the mobile and web app for members, we had to build a Client Portal to manage the members and make data driven decision to support the bolt on service.

Problem Statement

Give Brokers, Associations and other groups a turn key solution to managing their members and analyzing the usage data from the provided services. Some of the high level required features included:

  1. Give groups an analytics dashboard to analyze member usage of various benefits and determine the value to their selected benefits and added revenue to their core business.
  2. Migrate all existing features that are being actively used on the legacy Client Portal.
  3. Allow for mass communication from broker to members directly through mobile app, using push notifications, to encourage engagement.

Primary Audience

Insurance Brokers – The insurance broker is responsible for selling our products to employers, associations and other groups.

Role & Responsibilities

As the UX Designer on this project, I was responsible for the following:

  • UX Research and Strategy
  • Identifying, documenting and prioritizing features and stories
  • Building end to end user flows
  • Creating and presenting wire-frames
  • Building interactive hi-fi prototypes
  • Leading the offshore development team including architects, designers, and developers
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Ensuring KPI’s were met

Scope & Constraints

The existing Client Portal Legacy System is extremely outdated and needs a UI refresh and a new innovative set of features that will give our clients the tools they need to have confidence in our products and ensure they are generating revenue. The backend system was in the process of being replaced but because to technical delays we were forced to use it until then limiting how innovative we can be in the meantime. Secondly, as a smaller company, there were some budget constraints that forced us to work with a very lean team until a promise of ROI was on the horizon. This did lead to some very efficient thinking and development processes.


The most frequently used and insightful screen is the Dashboard which summarizes all of the important data points for the Broker including commission, total members, groups, active vs inactive members and more.

Alerts and Notifications

Informing users quickly of important information is very important as we push new technology platforms and features, services, benefits and even marketing materials. 

Profile Management

Member management prior to this system required brokers to call in and request changes from their assigned AE. This put the power in the Broker’s hands.

Member Filtering

Tracking down a specific member can be very difficult being on a spreadsheet. Now they can be tracked down by employer group, state, name, status and more.

The Creation Process

Design Thinking Methodology

To ensure we created the most adequate solution for the brokers, we used the double diamond approach utilizing a series of divergent and convergent techniques. Our solutions relied heavily on interacting with our Brokers, gathering feedback on current pain points, business needs, knowledge gaps and more.


User Research

After conducting 20 surveys, half being new brokers and the other half being long time heavily invest brokers, we found that the majority of them were most interested in gaining insight on HOW the benefits were performing. We also found that while a majority of our users from the study were in a more robust user management system for uploading, removing and editing profiles quickly. Here are a few of the key, open ended, questions asked during the interview process:


What is the weakest feature of the New Benefits services that you would like to see improved in order to support your business?


Analytical display of benefit usage by members


Streamlined member management process


Ability to communicate with members

What device do you most often use to access the current Client Portal







How do you currently determine which benefits are the most useful to offer your members?


Listen to the market


Ask employers



Findings From Research

We found that a high majority of our brokers, if they ever had a reason to drop the benefits, it would be due to lack of insight of whether they were having any real impact on their business and the user’s themselves or not. Offering benefits that sound nice but are not being used is not beneficial, aside from the commissions earned which varies greatly from broker to broker.


“I like the benefits and have personally used Teladoc and Vision multiple times, however I don’t necessarily know if any members do.”


Survey Participant

Impact of Research on Company Goals

After confirming that there was a serious issue with the confidence level that the benefits offered value or to members, we had to identify HOW to pull enough data to show member usage, revenue gained, and more. Because we were using legacy systems, pending new system, all data that could be synthesized and migrated of to the new system in the future had to be identified and reorganized and API’s needed to be rebuilt to supply this information to the Client Portal.


  • Identify the most frequently used benefits by Brokers and restructure data to fit data displays on Client Portal Dashboard.
  • Restructure member management flow including editing, uploading, removing and even pausing accounts.
  • Integrate financial systems to quickly show total commissions earned for various time periods.
  • Show percentage of active/registered members vs total members.

Wireframes & Hi-fi Prototypes

With our validated set of Features in the Program Backlog for ongoing delivery through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline I was able to start wireframing and prototyping using Sketch. Initial approval from user testing was done with wireframes before finalizing stories and then creating hi-fi mockups.

Accomplishing Goals

We set out to accomplish a few goals and ultimately came out with great success. Take a look to see the results!

Restructure existing data and API's to display an intuitive dashboard of data displays.

Because all of our data is dependent on third part vendors, restructuring to be consistent, reliable and filterable proved to be a big challenge, but was completed successfully. One limitation was that the data was limited to one month as a minimum time frame.

Restructure member management flow

Because we owned the technology built to manage this process, there were virtually no limitations on what was possible. Granular changes were made possible and could take effect immediately which eradicated the need for change requests from Brokers to AE’s. 

Integrate financial systems to display commissions earned

Seeing commissions for not only the month but over time, became a huge hit for Brokers. They are now able to see what groups were generating the most revenue, what benefits combo retained the most members and more.

Identify churn rate of members.

With the churn rate now visible, Brokers are now able to determine how much marketing was required to keep the commission trend moving upward. They could also see which combination of benefits were performing better or worse. 

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