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Social App for Car Meetups

Crewz Mobile App


The car enthusiast community is robust and extremely active, however the digital market is far from saturated with technology that connects this community. Because of this, a client has asked to go through a Creative Discovery to explore the opportunities to bring these communities together in a way they already are with make-shift solutions.

Problem Statement

Car enthusiast like to connect at various events such as races, cruises, shows and more but the mobile tools to connect on the go are minimal. Social platforms such as Facebook Events and Instagram along with texting are the current solutions and are effective, but not optimal. We want to accomplish the following:

  1. Give car enthusiasts easier access to their existing community with the ability to communicate with mass messaging.
  2. Increase direct communication to specific friends
  3. Provide a timeline platform to keep the community updated on changes to their ride or the events that they want publicized.
  4. The ability to quickly organize a “multi-point” cruise, that is open to the community.

Primary Audience

  1. Car Enthusiast – There multiple interest within the car community including street & track racing, show cars, customizing and more, but what they all have in common is the desire to connect with each other.

Role & Responsibilities

As the UX Designer on this project, I was responsible for the following:

  • UX Research and Strategy
  • Identifying, documenting and prioritizing features and stories
  • Building end to end user flows
  • Creating and presenting wire-frames
  • Building Hi-Fi mocks
  • Conducting market test surveys to determine desirability
  • Engage with the car enthusiast community on social media

Scope & Constraints

Because this was a Creative Discovery exercise, there were virtually no constraints. The scope only required that the user be able to accomplish the required goals/tasks and that the UI be aesthetically pleasing to the intended audience.

Event Creation

The biggest challenge with a cruise event is knowing where to go and when. If someone is not already at the event, the challenge is to know who even showed up where they will be when it’s time to head there. The Multi-point event creator make this info readily accessible. 

Event Management

Creating an event is nice, but sending it to a bulk list, easily updating it live, and tracking the location of the event attendees through GPS takes car community events to the next level.


Inviting Friends

Make your events public or private by inviting select friends, allowing RSVP’ing from the your network or even opening it up to community members who are not a part of your network but use the app.


GPS Tracking

Let everyone know where you are and where the event is moving to by becoming a Party Leader and a beacon for the attendees. Send push notifications letting everyone know the next destination before heading out.

Findings From Research

90% of our testers would like to see a mobile app platform to create a cruise event or attend one. The main cause for this is the difficulty of keeping up with Facebook posts in various Groups’ timelines and the mess of comments, both related and unrelated. The second reason that this solution is preferred over social media and texting is that they are not always updated, making it difficult for participants to find the event if it has moved venues before their arrival. This pertains mostly to people who are new the community and do not have contact info of acquantences who frequent similar events.


“I can’t stand when I show up to a cruise and everyone has gone. Especially when I wrote on Facebook asking if everyone was there, but get no response”

Dann Teller

Car Driver/Survey Participant

Impact of Research on Creative Discovery Goals

After confirming that there was no issue with the desire to connect with likeminded individuals, but rather the tools to do so, we had to synthesize our findings and convert them into a useful solution. To measure the success of this solution, without having a measurable baseline in place, we had to create our KPI’s based on the needs of the client prior to investing further.


  • Measure the desirability of such product after demoing to user and achieve a 9/10 approval rating
  • Achieve a 8/10 approval rating on the UI design


User Flows/Journey Map

With the user insights in place and the KPI’s established, we were able to build out the ideal Features and User Stories using the SAFe (Scaled Agile for Enterprise) methodology that would satisfy both elements. All Features were given a proper benefit hypothesis using a FAB Matrix and this helped guide the discussion around building the Member Journey Map and then Story Map.

My responsibility was to lead the UX discussion while aggregating all of this information.


Accomplishing Goals

We set out to accomplish a few goals and ultimately came out with great success. Take a look to see the results!

Measure the desirability of such product after demoing to user and achieve a 9/10 approval rating

After reviewing just a few of the features in scope with the car community, the results were easily a 10/10 as something that is not only desirable, but strongly needed. Current solutions work but are clunky and inconsistent.

Achieve a 8/10 approval rating on the UI design

The dark themed, modern UI was very well received with a 10/10 approval rating, however there were minor suggestions that will be considered in the second iteration.

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