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Previous Experience

Every role I have ever held is always more than a job, it’s an opportunity to explore, learn and apply new knowledge. 

New Benefits, Dallas, TX — Creative Lead/UX Designer

JANUARY 2018 – APRIL 2020

  • Manage the creation of a React.js Design System library used to as the foundation for  multiple applications reducing development time by over 50%
  • Design dynamic software interfaces including client, admin & member portal, mobile application, web applications and more
  • Leverage Agile methodologies (SAFe) to streamline software development process
  • Lead the Lean UX design processes including journey mapping, persona creation, breaking features into stories, testing and more.
  • Rapid prototyping at low and high fidelity using programs such as Sketch, Invision Studio, Flinto, and more
  • Define and manage brand standards for consistent marketing material with the original creation of a Print Design System
  • Schedule regular meetings with stakeholders to present updates and proposed solutions for both MMF and multi PI builds
  • Lead the in-house and offshore development teams with software implementation
  • Maintain consistent aesthetics across all print and digital mediums
  • All products designed to quickly adapt to white label needs

Salon Suite Solutions, Southlake, TX — UX Designer

JULY 2016 – DECEMBER 2017 (Started as Contract)

  • Design, develop and manage website, mobile app and portal UX (Current state not reflective of work during employment)
  • Develop all digital and print graphics
  • Manage all social media platforms before overseeing Marketing Manager
  • Lead and managed international development team
  • In charge of continuous integration, user testing and enhancing existing feature set
  • Present system demos with stakeholders and key power users
  • Streamline customer service and development communication processes
  • Manage creation of white label functionality

FUMC Colleyville, Colleyville, TX Marketing Manager & Web Designer
APRIL 2015 – NOVEMBER 2016

  • Enhance and manage all social media platforms
  • Redesign and develop dynamic website with SEO strategy, strategic UI and UX experience (
  • Develop all graphics needed for digital and print use
  • Organize and manage multiple internal and external outreach events with increased success around financial and attendance
  • Develop strategic partnerships with vendors for maximum efficiency of marketing dollars
  • Document all activities of the organization through video and photography
  • Create and manage multiple social media marketing campaigns and all analytics

University Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, WI

JUNE 2009 – DECEMBER 2015



University Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, WI — Communications Program Director


  • Provide creative direction and marketing strategies for program growth and adoption
  • Manage all hiring and training processes, new hires and managed career growth
  • Present bi-weekly presentations to stakeholders on project status updates and upcoming changes
  • University web creation team member
  • Provide QA on all final publications to social media and web outlets
  • Work directly with print lab to ensure all marketing materials were completed and delivered by deadlines
  • Organize all workflows for script development, direct marketing efforts, video production and project archiving
  • Manage intake of all requests and orders for departmental/organization content presentation
  • Analyze all social media analytics and make program adjustments based on trending topics

Art Director – Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Contract)

JUNE 2012 – SEPTEMBER 2012

Graphic Designer – Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

JUNE 2009 – JUNE 2012

Currrent Skills

Design Systems

Lean UI/UX

Agile Methodologies (SAFe)


Wireframing & Prototyping

Web Design


Adobe CC


Video Editing

i’m interested in

Hearing your perspectives on design